Top 49 Long Hairstyles for Men

Top 49 Long Hairstyles for Men

If you are a man with long hair, you are lucky. Why? Since you have many options from the long hairstyles for men when you want to make some changes in your hairstyle. Nowadays, long hairstyles are not limited for the people that work as a musician especially rock musician, artist, and actors. It’s a famous trend now. With your long hair, you can do some different styles that can make you good looking. Is it interesting, isn’t it? Since the men with long hair start to makeover their hairstyles, the hairstylist makes some innovations to the long hairstyles. And, here the style is.

Different types of long hairstyles for men

The long hair is easy to be modified to some different styles. There are many types of long hairstyles for men which can be chosen by the men. For example, the slick back. For the men that have curly hair, you can rub the pomade to your hair when you want to get the slick back style. And, for the straight hair, the men can use gel instead of pomade. The slick back style is suitable for the formal and informal activity. Or else, if you want to get the ponytail in your hairstyle, then it will be. The ponytail can be placed behind the ear which can increase the sexy impression from the men. How about men bun? Yeah. The bun is not only limited to the women but also for the men with their long hair. The men can make a small bun using their long hair. They can free a little bit of hair to make it like messy hair. If you want to apply the classic and trendy style, the long hairstyle with the part side will be the best for you. You can make it to two sides symmetrically. Otherwise, you can pull the most of the hair into one side and use the serum to make the part.

Making the long hairstyles

The long hairstyles for men are not difficult to make. What you need is the gel, pomade, or serum to help you in arranging the hair. Choosing the long hairstyle depends on the type of hair and the shape of the face. So, it’s better for you to make some new ideas for your long hairstyles.

Get an idea for your long hairstyles from the picture below and see how it will be!

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